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Every project is unique and has its own set of circumstances, issues to address, challenges, and needs.  Our consistent process helps to define not only the project specifications, but also expectations of all parties involved. 

Through this process we A.I.D.E. our customers and make the building process efficient and enjoyable. 

A.I.D.E. our Customers


Ask – Questions, questions, questions and listen.  What do you want, need? What’s not working now? What would you like to see? What are the budgets? Are these budgets realistic? What is the timeframe? How can I help?  Do you have plans and specs? Is my company a good fit for this project?

At the end of this initial meeting both the customer and Mountain Building should have enough information to be able to make a decision whether we move to the next step. 


Next, we will start to define the project and enter into an agreement to collaborate on the project.  At this time we will perform a project assessment to start drilling down on budgets, collecting preliminary information, sitework, and start the process of meeting with an architect, design professionals and/or our in-house design team. 


We will identify current circumstances such as site work, zoning, as-builts, lead times, design schedule, design-build agreements, anticipated budgets, and any challenges that may arise after these items have been identified.


At this stage conceptual drawings are prepared and preliminary specifications are defined.  Once conceptual drawings are approved, members of the team will be provided the conceptual drawings to gather budgets and input on the project as a whole.  Team members will include the customer, architect/designer, builder, engineer, subcontractors, and suppliers.  If budgets are in line, then final drawings will start.  At the same time team members, specifications, schedules, and estimates will be completed. Completion of this stage means there will be a finalized set of plans/specs, financing has been approved (if needed) and construction proposal has been signed.


This is where the fun starts!  With over 60 years of combined construction and project management experience this is where Mountain Building stands out from other builders.  Each client is given one point of contact for their project.  And that contact will be one of the principals of the company. 


We leverage technology such as computer aided design (CAD) software and online project management software to communicate with you.  You are always aware of the progress, schedule, and selections.  

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